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Python code samples⚓︎

I took an introductory Python class for my Information Systems degree, and I enjoy writing Python as a hobby. You can view my projects on GitHub:

  • Becki's Totally Awesome Phonebook: A simple phonebook application in your terminal. It stores contact information in two tables in a SQLite database. You can add, update, delete, search, and "favorite" entries.
  • Becki's Totally Awesome To-Do List App: A lightweight to-do list application that runs in your terminal and uses a SQLite database to manage tasks. You can add, update, delete, complete, list, and search tasks.
  • Becki's Wordle Clone: My version of the famous New York Times game (created by Josh Wardle) where players try to guess a 5-letter word.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: A game for two (human) players, created for a school project. I included a feature that keeps track of how many games each player has won during the session.

I've also written Python for work. For example, I expanded and enhanced a script a colleague wrote generating a Markdown table of Rego rules (as demonstrated on Regula's website). You can see my contribution in a pull request or view the full script in Regula's repository.