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REVIEW: 'Adulting' by Kelly Williams Brown


"Adulting" by Kelly Williams Brown is a delightfully foul-mouthed Hints from Heloise for millennials. Life hacks range from the seemingly obvious (Step 256: Don't put tacos in your purse) to the profound (Step 327: Accept that heartbreak is inevitable, and realize that the only way to be a human being is to experience it at least once). As Kelly Williams Brown explains in the introduction, "There are certain parts of being a grown-up that come easily to us, and some that...don't."

Even if you're the most grown-up grownup you know, there's probably something in here that could benefit you. And there's no shame in that.

Kelly says it best here: "Adult isn't a noun, it's a verb. It's the act of making correctly those small decisions that fill our day. It is one that you can practice, and that can be done in concrete steps. And if you slip up and have Diet Coke for breakfast, no one busts in and snatches away your Adult card. Just move forward and have milk tomorrow."

I'd recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered what the hell is up with puff pastry, who can't remember how to change the oil in their car, who has ever questioned their ability to be a grownup, who is eager to improve their life in small, incremental ways.


An easy, witty, profane 5/5 stars


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