Test from Emacsssss

This is a test post about life, and how awesome Emacs is.

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REVIEW: 'Adulting' by Kelly Williams Brown


"Adulting" by Kelly Williams Brown is a delightfully foul-mouthed Hints from Heloise for millennials. Life hacks range from the seemingly obvious (Step 256: Don't put tacos in your purse) to the profound (Step 327: Accept that heartbreak is inevitable, and realize that the only way to be a human being is to experience it at least once). As Kelly Williams Brown explains in the introduction, "There are certain parts of being a grown-up that come easily to us, and some that...don't."

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PLAYLIST: Songs Mentioning Cherry Cola

I made a playlist composed solely of songs that reference cherry cola. It's... sodalightful.

The tunes range from slightly flat to truly effervescent. Enjoy!

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Bad Decision Flowchart

Don't let your life be a cautionary tale. Here's a flowchart that'll help you avoid making bad decisions:

Bad decisions flowchart

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The best motivational quotes of 1997

There's a band whose music has helped millions of people, reaching them in their time of need, teaching them to persevere, inspiring them to get back up when they get knocked down.

I am, of course, talking about Chumbawamba.

Inspirational Chumbawamba song lyrics

Here, have some inspirational song lyrics superimposed on pretty pictures!

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